You’ve Set Your Team Goals, Now What?

The inspiration for my thoughts today come from our lovely puppy Eleanora. A standard poodle. We call her Elly. Here she is relaxing on the couch on a cold winter morning, not a care in the world.  Last month Elly and I spoke about setting a team goal of not getting up on the couch. I walked into my den this morning and here’s what I found.  I guess we have some work to do on this goal.

For many managers, creating individual and team goals at the first of the year is not an uncommon action. What is less common is ensuring team members keep these goals in mind and track progress towards goals through the year.  What’s the point of creating team goals if there is now follow through?  With this question in mind, here are a few additional questions that I want you to consider to help with the follow through. This is for after the team goals have been created.

  1. What are you doing to keep team goals in the minds of team members as they go through their days, weeks, and months?
  2. What are you doing to track progress towards your stated team goals in a way that all team members know the ‘score’ at any given time?

I’m not going to spend the next few sentences telling you the answers to these questions. How could I possibly know what would work best for your specific situation? Here’s what I do know. Posters, signs and other visuals do a decent job of keeping ideas in the minds of those who see them. Other visuals, such as desk-top items, regular email messages, or regular agenda items in meetings are good for helping people remember the direction they should be going and the progress they’re making towards those goals.

I can’t tell you what would work best for your situation. You have to decide that. Whatever strategies you choose, be consistent with them until your goals are achieved and you can celebrate the wins.

If you’re going to be a manager, strive to be a great one – the kind that every employee wants, and every organization needs.