Are There Elephants Where You Work?

It’s an all-too-common experience.  There is one person on the team who is not meeting expectations. Maybe they are working too hard at having others do their work. Perhaps they get more pleasure out of creating drama than avoiding it.  Maybe the problem is regularly tardiness. These are the elephants in the room that all to often don’t get directly addressed. As frustrating as this is when other team members have to endure this, it is even more troubling when a manager can’t or won’t address this.

It’s not, I think, that managers don’t want to stop the behavior.  I am more inclined to believe it’s more that managers don’t have a strategy that will help them with the matter – the elephant in the room that doesn’t get directly addressed.  So what happens?  Everyone get’s called into a meeting to hear, “Hey everyone, we need to remember …..   Ironically, at this very moment the elephant in the room, the very source of the issue being raised, isn’t often not even paying attention. What a waste of time everyone.

Managers, please find within yourselves the courage to directly address the elephant(s) your teams – speak to them personally.  You’ll be glad you did.  I promise, your team members will be more happy about it.

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