Better Management through Developing Business Acumen

I’m from the Pacific Northwest, Portland area originally, now residing in the Seattle area. Meaning no offense to my local universities, even as a youth I was a fan of Southeast Conference Football. When it came time for me to hit graduate school, it was no coincidence that I chose to go to an SEC school. Game days on campuses there were (and still are) so fun to be a part of. One part of the game that I really enjoy watching are those who play in the defensive safety positions.  These are the players that hang behind the line of scrimmage and move to where they are needed based on the direction the play is heading. When they get there, their job is to mess stuff up.

Successful defensive safeties have developed a very keen sense for where the ball is and where it is likely to be next. Naturally, they don’t go on intuition alone. They’ve studied the tapes, they see where other players are and who’s doing what in the moment. They take in this information, add to this their own experience and then take action. For the safeties who are really good at this, their ability to get where they need to be right when they need to be there is almost supernatural.

As much as I enjoy watching a great safety do his job on the football field, what I enjoy even more is hearing about managers who have a similar sense about their own ‘playing field’. These are individuals who see what’s happening around them and make sure they are where they need to be to be most effective. For those who oversee others in the workplace, not enough can be said about having a well-developed business acumen. Better still, is when they guide their team members to have this same sense. To learn more about this, I had a conversation with one who wrote a book on the topic. 

Better Management through Developing Business Acumen: A Conversation with Jennifer Currence, author of Developing Business Acumen.

During this particular Manager’s Roadhouse Podcast interview, I was enjoying a plate of fries! Please don’t let that distract you too much.

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