Better Management through Composure

During a coaching session I was engaged in not too long ago, the executive I was working with described how the CEO of the company was an individual who would would not infrequently loose control of her emotions – particularly when the emotions were connected with anger.

It’s difficult to fathom how one can ascend to a top dog position in any organization without a high level of emotional intelligence, but so many experiences people have shared with me lead me to believe it is way more common than any Human Resource person would want to admit.

I think most would agree that a managers who can keep their composure at work are likely to be much more effective as managers. In an effort to help managers learn a thing or two about keeping composure, I sought out a leading authority on the topic. Zoe Routh is author of Composure: How Centered Leaders Make the Most Impact. It was an enjoyble conversation that I think others could benefit from hearing.

Better Management through Composure: A Conversation with Zoe Routh

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