AP Grow

Passionately Promoting
Leadership Performance

AP Grow is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who works with learning organizations around the world – operations that want a culture of high care and high performance. He is the author of three books dedicated to this cause (and more books on the way).

The tools of his trade? keynotes, workshops, and products that develop manager performance to achieve team and organizational excellence. His background includes…


Academic reviewer of hundreds of management-related studies. Conversations with thousands of employees about workplace experiences and what matters most with respect to their leaders

20+ years of management, training and organizational development experience including service as an International Program Manager at Microsoft, Director of Organizational Development on the West coast for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and years of experience in higher education administration

Ph.D. in Leadership (but not stuffy about it)

A global perspective based on years of working and living in Europe and in China where he became fluent in Mandarin Chinese

Professional level member of the National Speakers Association (the other NSA) and on the Board of Directors of NSA Northwest as Vice-President and Dean of ProTrack – a program dedicated to fostering future successful professional speakers.

Author of How to Not Suck as a Manager, Change or Go: How to Stop Non-Team Player Behavior at Work, and Stop Pretending You’re Being Heard.

Praise for AP Grow

“Audience members loved the fun and powerful lessons Dr. Arron Grow shared with us. We appreciated his wise and straight forward advise for leading effectively. I highly recommend bringing Dr. Grow to your organization!”Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt
Business Department Chair & Coordinator
Pierce College District
“I had the opportunity to attend a Grow presentation recently. This was time well spent; He was comfortable presenting, the audience was engaged, and the content was visually displayed in a fun and interactive manner while Arron illuminated the ideas in fun and engaging way. An enjoyable experience with good takeaways. We’ll do this again, Thanks!”Greg Price
Publisher, Vice President
Price Media, Inc.

AP Grow in the Media

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