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Increase your organization’s capacity with AP Grow’s “roll up your sleeves” workshops.

  • The Leadership Challenge / LPI®:

    In Kouzes and Posner’s seminal book, The Leadership Challenge, the authors discuss what they call the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.

    Over time, this model of leadership has become one of the most widely researched and readily applicable on the planet.

    Looking for leadership development that is robust enough to guide both first-year leaders and highly experienced executive team members? This is the workshop for you and your organization.

    Participants measure their competencies with the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI®), a 360-degree tool that gauges both leadership effectiveness and follower satisfaction and engagement.

    Choose how deep you’d like to dive. AP Grow’s Leadership Challenge workshop can be delivered as a 1-, 2-, or 3-day event.

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  • SOCIAL STYLE®, Behavioral EQ® and Adaptive Mindset®


    What’s the key to success at work and in life? Recognizing how others communicate and behave—and then adapting to connect with them. Organizations that coach their people how to do this create vibrant, dynamic, positive cultures.

    One of the most powerful models for doing this is TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE. Its straightforward, clean concepts are easy to remember and powerful when applied. It’s no accident, then, that SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading behavioral style model.

    You need leaders who know how to effectively interact with everyone they come in contact with. Choose this workshop to learn how to make that happen.

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    Behavioral EQ®

    Minding your surroundings, maintaining control, doing the right things at the right times—these are the hallmarks of high emotional intelligence.

    In the Behavioral EQ workshop, Grow teaches the fundamentals of behavioral emotional intelligence, then shows how to use them. The results? Participants will have the skills to become smart-minded, in-control assets to their organizations.

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    Resilient and Adaptive Mindset®

    With the amount of stress, pressure and change happening in the world, it’s no wonder people have trouble staying positive, motivated and productive at work. The trouble is most managers don’t know how to help others when they most need it.

    In the Resilient and Adaptive Mindset workshop, Grow shares a wealth of strategies to help participants stay at their best despite work or life challenges… A must for any organization where people experience frequent stress, anxiety, or concern.

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  • Midday Motivation for Managers

    There’s nothing like a shot in the arm (or a kick in the butt) to help a management team stay positive and productive. This workshop does that.

    Because the secret is that no matter how different one organization is from another, most teams respond to motivation in the same positive way.

    Inspire your team with a timely, energetic, compact and powerful workshop that is customized for your group’s specific needs. A midday motivation message with AP Grow will leave your managers feeling uniquely encouraged and empowered.

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